• High-speed online dispenser
High-speed online dispenser

High-speed online dispenser

On the basis of the XYZ flexible working platform, an online automatic high-speed dispensing machine developed for the requirements of high-precision dispensing technology; using linear drive technology, CCD positioning and detection, dispensing mass flow calibration algorithm and other advanced technologies; with movement High precision (repetition precision 0.025mm) and high dispensing weight precision (0.1mg), and stable dispensing control.

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Use high-precision linear motor;


Using high-precision linear motor + grating ruler full closed-loop motion control;


CCD visual positioning system;


High-precision dispensing weight calibration unit, and programming control multiple closed-loop calibration methods;


High-speed, high-precision injection valve;


Thermostatic control of valve body;


WINDOWS 7 operating system, simple and easy-to-learn graphical operation interface;


Flexible and easy-to-use programming teaching method;


Detailed online diagnosis function makes machine maintenance more convenient;


Chinese and English operation interface;


User account login password, authority level management.




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