Professionally provide the “Customized” deburring polishing machine which meet your requirement

In mechanical processing, the edges, corners, edges and other parts of the workpiece will inevitably produce burrs of different sizes after cutting. The existence of burrs will have a negative impact on the processing accuracy, assembly accuracy, reprocessing positioning and appearance quality of the workpiece.
With the development of high technology and the improvement of product performance, the requirement of product quality is more and more stringent. It is more important to remove burrs from mechanical parts.
Deburring refers to the removal of fine metal particles on the surface of the workpiece, which are called burrs. They are formed in cutting, grinding, milling and other similar cutting processes.


Selection of different deburring brushes for different burrs


Brush Deburring Machines



Robot replaces human to grind and deburr parts for die casting and rough machining


Robot Deburring Machines


Water Jet Deburring and Cleaning Machine-Deburring Deep and Cross Holes

Water Jet Deburring and Cleaning Machine, Metal parts products to make use of principle of high pressure water jet deburring, cleaning and sand removal.
It’s suitable for automobile engine, gearbox, refrigeration compressor, ships and aircraft engines, military products, mold and other nodular cast iron, grey cast iron, powder metallurgy, deburring cleaning of casting aluminum alloy, stainless steel parts,copperware.

Water Jet Deburring and Cleaning Machine



Chamfer deburring of servo spur gear

Deburring Machines for Gear


Deburring machine for flat surface

Sheet metal parts

Deburring Machines for Flat Surface



Deburring Machines for Shaft

Deburring Machines for Shaft


Deburring Machines for Special Workpieces

Deburring Machines for Special Workpieces



Industrial Brush/Pneumatic Deburring Tools

Deburring Tools