• Robot Deburring Machine for Automobile Turbine Shell
Automotive turbocharger-turbine shell grinding and deburring solution

Automotive turbocharger-turbine shell grinding and deburring solution

The robot deburring machine adopts the robot to clamp the pneumatic floating spindle, the floating spindle clamps the rotary file, and the edge of the turbine shell is polished and deburred.

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Replace labor to ensure the consistency of the deburring quality of the turbine shell;


It is more effective and convenient to remove the burrs on the complicated parts of the turbine shell;


To replace the new turbine shell model only needs to reprogram and replace the tooling and fixture;


Floating technology makes the deburring and polishing of the turbine shell more flexible;


The special plane can be customized according to the size of the burr position of various turbine shell parts.



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