• Steering Gear Assembling and Testing Line
  • EGR Valve Assembling and Testing Line
EPS Assembling and Testing Line

EPS Assembling and Testing Line

Steering gear assembling and testing line is used for assembling and testing various types of automobile steering gear, including electric power steering (EPS) assembling and testing line, circular ball steering gear assembling and testing line, rack and pinion steering gear assembling and testing line.

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Combining on-line quality test with intelligent flexible assembly, through the fusion analysis of manufacturing data and knowledge discovery, the whole process of assembly and production of EPS electronic power steering gear is monitored and tracked.The on-line real-time monitoring and fault diagnosis of manufacturing system status are carried out to obtain more accurate and comprehensive status information, and the data of production process are analyzed and saved, so that the assembly quality and process of each part can be traced back, and the performance, integrity and efficiency of the whole system can be improved.

Structural Characteristics

  • It has the function of lifetime management of consumable;

  • It has the function of online detection and error prevention;

  • It is equipped with safety grating and operated by one-hand button;

  • It has in-situ control and inspection system for parts to prevent missing assembly;

  • Has traceability function, traceability requirements in line with the standards of the automotive industry;

  • Equipped with industrial computer, it meets the requirements of ergonomics and is easy to operate;

  • Fast replacement device fixture design to adapt to the replacement of different products;

  • Pressure-displacement monitoring program draws pressure-displacement curve to provide quality assurance.





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